Our worship services focus on the intersectionality of our experience as human beings (how our social and political identities combine to create different modes of discrimination and privilege), self-care, social justice, and compassion. We cherish and spread the universal truths taught by the great prophets and teachers of humanity in every age and tradition. We embrace the interdependent web of existence. We nurture our spirits and learn together in an open and supportive community.

Our liberal, unconventional worship services are guided by Unitarian Universalist Principles.

Our chapel service is neo-contemporary. Three or more of the below elements occur each month and are uploaded to our various mediums where you can join us:

  • Chalice Lighting – we celebrate the good in the world. We celebrate our own joys. We express the fire of compassion, our commitment to love, and the warm embrace of community. In the midst of the flame, which is a symbol of our faith – we illuminate our search for justice and peace
  • Sermonette or Reading (ancient or contemporary)
  • Music – both instrumental and vocal; usually rock
  • Meditation, Prayer, or Blessing
  • Water Ritual – a sacred space for holding sorrows and releasing suffering
  • Offering – collecting financial donations for the chapel or for justice work in the community and around the world.

In addition to our chapel worship services, we hold small group pastoral care Circles and get-togethers of our three Ministries: Book Reviews Ministry, Social Justice Ministry, and Adult Spiritual Development Ministry.