What is worship? Who or what are we worshiping?

At Sunstone Chapel we demonstrate our deep love, respect, and gratitude for the Spirit of Life, that some call God. Though we all have different language for reverence, we acknowledge the presence of the holy in our lives. We acknowledge a higher power and/or higher purpose that goes beyond ourselves. This higher power and purpose is the Fount of Every Blessing; the Deepest Mystery; the Creative Love, and the Author of Creation. At Sunstone Chapel, our favorite words of reverence are Blessed Radiance.

We show our love, respect, and gratitude by doing our part to make the word a better place. This means advocating and taking action against evil (injustice) by using and creating more goodness (love). This is hard work, an uphill battle. Experiencing chapel gives us the strength, courage, and spiritual nourishment to sustain us as we labor forward. Our worship services refill our love-tank full of hope and joy. Fully energized, we can overcome obstacles and create the change we want to see in the world.