We have three ministries, and our Sunstone Chapel Adult Spiritual Development Program is one of them.

Through our ministries we seek to support like hearted communities and share our values with others. We embrace the interdependent web of existence. We seek to nurture our spirits while helping others do the same. Our ministries are our way of using our gifts to help others and otherwise make the world a better place.

Our Sunstone Chapel Adult Spiritual Development Program is based on our monthly chapel worship services which may include sermonettes, blessings, prayers, meditations, and more. We use the preaching’s to spark deep, spiritual considerations where small groups can find meaning together.

If you are a small group of adults seeking spiritual development resources to support discovery, purpose, and the sacred – this program is for you!

The resources in our program are like “a spiritual development class in a box”. They are super-easy to use. Each includes a short reading and discussions questions. Alternatively, the topic video can be watched instead of reading.


  1. Choose your topic
  2. Download the topic handout discussion guide PDF (or video link) and email them to your members
  3. On the day of your meeting:
    1. read the topic or watch the video together
    2. discuss each of the questions from a spiritual lens

Small Group Ministry is intentional lay-led small groups that deepen and expand the ministry of a congregation. The basic elements of Unitarian Universalist Small Group Ministry have evolved from the experience of many people in diverse congregational settings.


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