The Perpetual Learning Lab: 

Spirituality, Liberal Faith Development, Global Citizenship

Listen. Learn. Act.


The Sunstone Chapel Perpetual Learning Lab premiers Fall 2021. Classes are posted every month and include dialog, inspiration, and information on spiritual deepening, personal development, and global citizenship from a progressive faith perspective.

Learners will have an opportunity to deepen their spirituality by applying their values to their actions, discovery, purpose, and the sacred. They will gain new information or discover a different angle on what they already know to be true. Each Perpetual Learning Lab offering is about 1-2 hours long.

It is not only an education in the day-to-day realities of justice-seeking liberal people of faith, but an education in how to engage with the world. Participants will learn how to take an active role locally and globally with others to make our planet more peaceful, sustainable, and fairer. As a global citizen and part of a broader class of “humanity”, learners will hear from knowledgeable teachers, thought-leaders, activists, practitioners, advocates, and spiritual leaders.

Be changed in a small (or big way) every time you attend class! Improve your decision-making and increase your confidence as a global citizen. Our experienced instructors are carefully chosen to inspire, teach, and challenge. The Perpetual Learning lab isn’t just about the sharing of information, it’s about applying what is learned to our daily lives. Our learner centric classes support self-reflection for the expansion of our spiritual awareness.

The classes are hosted by Sunstone Chapel’s Lay Community Minister, Ebony C. Peace, accompanied by wise, impressive instructors who are passionate about their topics. Topics may include but are not limited to World Religions, Poverty and Inequality, Systemic Racism, Politics, Ecological Justice, History, Peace, and Multiculturism. Ebony C. Peace creates a hospitable atmosphere in each class, asking pointed questions of the instructors that get directly to the heart of the matter with humble curiosity. She approaches each topic from a liberal faith perspective with an emphasis on global citizenship.

The Perpetual Learning Lab is available to our members, friends, and other faith communities. For example, it’s a great resource for progressive congregations, organizations, or institutions looking for easily implemented faith formation experiences for their small group ministry (SGM). Our program can be considered as “a faith development program in a box!” It’s super-easy to participate in as an individual or as a group (or small group ministry). Each class includes a video, suggested reading, and reflection questions.

Attendees are invited to join asynchronous discussions of each class through our Facebook Group. As we grow, we plan to also include synchronous learning forums where we can discuss the class topic together in real time. In short, you would watch the class on your own and then connect with others taking the class on a specific date and time for our live learning forum.

The goal is that what we learn from the class will spark deep, spiritual considerations in which we can find meaning together. If you are a perpetual learner or small group seeking liberal faith development resources to support discovery, purpose, and the sacred – our Perpetual Learning Lab is for you! Join our mailing list to stay in the loop!

In addition to the Perpetual Learning Lab, Sunstone Chapel members have access to member-only, interactive virtual workshops such as those found here. If you are an organization that would like to bring one of our workshops to your group, please reach out to us for details.

Organizations can expect to invest 750 for our 1-week classes and 2,999 for our 4-week classes (equivalent to a half day class); class size limits are negotiable and flexible. Please note that our Lay Community Minister is available for guest sermons (385), keynotes (385-1,999), and other speaking such as opening/closing speaker for retreats, prayers, and poetry readings. Please contact us to inquire.