We were born to walk on water

Reading: We were born to walk on water.

Today we will have a reading from Ferguson and Faith by Dr. Leah Gunning Francis. She’s a seminary professor at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, Indiana. In Ferguson and Faith, she shares interviews with clergy and young activists who … read more.

A Prayer for Body and Spirit

A Prayer for Body and Spirit

Blessed Radiance compassionate and holy

We thank you for always

providing for our body and spirit

We thank you for always

Holding us in grace and unity

Give us courage, truth, and joy


Prayers are just words. But … read more.

Screw the Silver Lining

Sermonette: Screw the Silver Lining

A loved one dies of COVID. A child is kidnapped and human trafficked. A parent gets hit by a car. A friend gets cancer. Someone you trusted destroys your world as you know it.

It is said that “everything happens for a … read more.

Celebrating the New Year

Chalice Lighting: Celebrate the New Year.

We light this chalice to celebrate the New Year. For many it is a chance to press the reboot button on our lives. Try again. Recommit. New Year resolutions have been a big thing.

Let’s determine what promises we will make … read more.