Ebony C. Peace
Lay Community Minister

Ebony is the Lay Community Minister of Sunstone Chapel and a life-long Unitarian Universalist with Baptist influences. She is a seminary student at Meadville Lombard Theological School where progressive religious leaders are grounded in the Unitarian Universalist values of justice, equity, and compassion. She is pursuing a Masters of Arts in Leadership Studies with a concentration in Lay Ministry.

She has a professional background in applied sociology, victim advocacy, and human resources and organizational effectiveness. She holds a B.A. in Sociology from Sweet Briar College and a M.S. in Strategic Human Resources and Organization Development from Johns Hopkins University’s Carey Business School. She has two cats, two children, and a spouse. She preaches to, teaches, and cares for the people of the community. Whether you’re just thinking of visiting, or an active member, Ebony would enjoy meeting with you and helping you get connected.

Sunstone Chapel Houseband 

FFab Pavic is a Musician specialist with a decade of successful experience producing music, playing live and teaching. FFab specializes composing, playing guitar and singing. A strong believer in the power of positive and good energy. We are proud to have him as our one-man house band.

Fabricio Pavic, better known as FFAb is a Musician with over a decade of successful experience a guitarist, singer, composer, and music producer. He was born in the capital of Buenos Aires, Argentina. His mother is a school teacher and housewife and his father a national Judo champion, sailor, and mechanic. FFab began playing guitar at age 12 and has an academic background in Economics, Management, and Law. He is the former member of the Argentina rock band, “Criptofonia”, an underground thrash metal band who had almost 20 thousand followers on social networks and an award in 2015 for one of the best thrash metal albums. A strong believer in the power of positive and good energy. We are proud to have him as our one-man house band.

Shadipe Jeremiah
Communications & Media Assistant

Shadipe Jeremiah is a Web Developer and a Graphics Designer who describes himself as “Learner, Ambitious, and Open-minded” because he is always open to learning, learns every day, is ambitious and open to opportunities. He enjoys working in the world of 3D product design, reading science fiction, working out, and spending time with friends. His favorite magazine is “Wired Magazine” and his favorite book is Higher is waiting, By “Tyler Perry”.

He has a soft spot for Digital / Financial Education for Children and helping his community by supporting NGO’s. Shadipe is from Nigeria and speaks both English and Yoruba. He is currently a student at Obafemi Awolowo University.