Located online with team members in Maryland, California, and Louisiana – we are found wherever you have an internet connection.

Traditional churches are on every street corner, in homes, college campuses, community centers, and even hospitals. Now, the most contemporary places of spiritual community can also be found in coffee shops, restaurants (dinner churches), and 100% online.

Online we gather to empower ourselves, facilitate healing, and fellowship. It’s different from an in-person experience and perfect for those experienced with purposefully connecting with others in an online environment.

Due to our location, we offer a primarily self-driven, asynchronous approach to exploring the sacred. Our members have additional access to connect more deeply with each other by participating in our small group pastoral care Circles or serving in one of our three Ministries: Book Reviews Ministry, Social Justice Ministry, and Adult Spiritual Development Ministry.

What’s next?

Though we are online based, we are not exclusively online and on-demand. As we grow, we will add synchronous experiences and opportunities for in-person connection by going “on tour” at regular intervals.

While on tour, we will focus on two types of fellowship: Worship Service and Dinner Church. We anticipate that our worship services will be hosted by local Unitarian Universalist congregations. We also plan to partner with neighborhood restaurants with space well suited for deep connection over a unique dinner-church experience. In contrast to our worship services which include sermonettes and music – dinner church will include robust conversation, prayer, and a meal.

We are amazed at the reach and accessibility being online provides. We are thrilled to have you join us on this journey!” Thank you!