Welcome home.

Have you tried church, but found it irrelevant or hypocritical?

Do you enjoy spiritual community, but aren’t always comfortable socially?

Do you have strong, liberal opinions about justice for all, equality, and taking care of the earth and want to help?

Do you have doubts about the religion you were raised in and want to explore options and discover your own meaning?

Are you unchurched and gave up on finding a church that you feel comfortable with?

Do you get bored, lose focus easily, or fall asleep because of church music?

Do you feel disconnected or left out because your current faith community focuses more on catering to older people?

Are you a young person struggling (financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually) to make it through each day?

Some people find “God” in church, but you believe there is a higher mystery (call it what you want…there are many ways to name the sacred) that can be found in community, in nature, and/or within yourself. Where you find spiritual nourishment is not limited to a physical building. In short, being a good person is more important than “going to church”.

You crave autonomy, independence, flexibility, and freedom not just in your life and work, but in how you find, express and practice spirituality.

You want relationships and to be a part of something bigger than yourself, but find it difficult to relate to “church people”.

You want to discover what’s best for yourself, rather than be told what to do or think.

If all that sounds good, then GOOD. You’re in the right place.

Hey…if you’re an older person, but all this still resonates with you because you’re young at heart. We welcome you too.

Now that you’re here, what have you gotten yourself into?

Well, we are diverse. We think for ourselves and recognize that life experience influences our beliefs more than anything. As members of the Unitarian Universalist community, we have a track record of advocating for love, justice, and peace. Hold on, now… don’t get all worked up over the term “Unitarian Universalist”.

We need not think alike to love alike. We are people of many beliefs and backgrounds: people with a religious background, people with none, people who believe in a God, people who don’t, and people who let the mystery be.

We are Unitarian Universalist and Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Humanist, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, atheist and agnostic, believers in God, and more.

We are people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Here at Sunstone Chapel, we delight in our online experience as we connect with each other through our mobile devices. We create community through empowering, healing, and exploring with each other. Together we come to our own understandings of the sacred. As we grow spiritually, our capacity for justice-work and love grows.

Our Purpose in which we Covenant

We covenant to make the world a better place, starting with our own lives and the lives of the most vulnerable. We do this by (1) creating a welcoming, caring, justice-seeking community, (2) embodying spiritual, intellectual, and artistic depth by exploring together, and (3) advancing Unitarian Universalist values into the wider world.

Our Mission is to minister to unchurched liberal-minded younger generations (Millennial’s, Generation Z), digital nomads, aspiring digital nomads, and those unhoused, in transient or temporary housing (which makes relationship with a physical church community difficult).

Our Vision is to serve as the leading spiritual community for seekers of a unique, creative approach to modern liberal faith (1) free of the limitations fixed location and conventional processes demand and (2) strengthened by the unlimited possibilities inherent in meaningful, online community.

We welcome you: your whole self, with all your truths and your doubts, your worries, and your hopes! We are super-excited that you’re still reading all of this! If everything we just shared sounds good – please come on in and take a tour!