We were born to walk on water

Reading: We were born to walk on water.

Today we will have a reading from Ferguson and Faith by Dr. Leah Gunning Francis. She’s a seminary professor at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, Indiana. In Ferguson and Faith, she shares interviews with clergy and young activists who were actively involved in the movement for racial justice in Ferguson and beyond.

This reading is from an interview the author has with Mike Kinman, a former dean of Christ Church Cathedral, currently at the All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, California.

He says,

“So I tore up my sermon. I knew I had to preach something different. I felt a call to name what was going on and what I saw beginning to happen even if I didn’t know where it was headed.

The reading was one of my favorite scriptures, which is Peter being called out of the boat to walk on the water…and I realized this was a moment where we were being called to get our of the boat. We forget he actually walked on water and no one had ever done that before. He did something incredible. The disciples saw someone coming to them on the water, and Peter’s test to see if it was Jesus was to ask him, “if it is you, bid me come out to you one the water.”

That’s the way we know it’s Jesus. Jesus tells us to do something impossible. If it isn’t someone challenging us to do something that we think is impossible, its probably not Jesus. …If the person said, “No, Stay in the boat and be more comfortable,” Peter would have known, “Oh, that’s not Jesus. I don’t know what that is but that’s not Jesus.”

And so what I preached that morning was that we were born to walk on water, that we can do impossible things. That we were born to walk on water and it was time to step out of the boat.”

You can learn more about and purchase Ferguson and Faith at Chalicepress.com.

Amen; the Blessed Radiance thrives in each of us.

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