Stop the Eviction of Love From Our County: Make People Matter Again

Sermonette, Sunday Dec 27

Stop the Eviction of Love From Our County: Make People Matter Again

What does it mean to be happy? How does it feel not to worry about when or if the next paycheck or meal will come from? How does it feel not to have to worry about being pulled over while black? How would it feel to not get anxiety when opening your mail because you know it’s another bill you may not able to pay? Wouldn’t it make you day, to turn on the TV and hear about people being kind and helping each other instead of nonsense and details about what’s wrong so with this world?

What is happiness? Where does your happiness come from? What does happiness look like to you? What does it feel like? 

Some people need their excess wealth to give them a sense of what they believe happiness is. Others freely give much of their wealth away. It may not be wealth per se, because there are many ways of giving. Their happiness does not come from having lot of money or things. It comes from something else. Something deeper. Something full of love. They feel good helping others when they can. They fully understand with every fiber of their being, that it’s the right thing to do.

Many of our leaders lack the compassion to help their fellow human being. Not only do they *refuse* to share to help keep their fellow human beings from starving and dying of COVID, to name a few – but they refuse to pay their fair share in taxes. They give themselves healthcare and forsake it for others. They give themselves bailouts and forsake it for others. They legalize insider trading for themselves and penalize others for the same behaviors. Then they take the tax money average people contributed to our country, to help the people of our country. The money the average person contributed – largely goes to help corporations. Not the people who contributed the money into the pot.

Obviously, Corporations matter. Not their employees. Big Business matters, not people. If people mattered, we would not have so much devastating poverty.

Jesus said:
Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God. Proverbs 14:31

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Said “As long as there is poverty in this world, no man can be totally rich even if he has a billion dollars.”

The Dalai Lama reminds us that and I quote:  “Wherever it occurs, poverty is a significant contributor to social disharmony, ill health, suffering and armed conflict. If we continue along our present path, the situation could become irreparable. This constantly increasing gap between the haves and have not’s, creates suffering for everyone.”

Love has been forcefully evicted from our country. Its belongings scattered across the grass. People drive by and look away, ashamed.

No. No. No. This is not right. Love *must* be our new currency. Justice *must* be our decision-maker.

Before we can make American Great Again. We must make people matter again. Not corporations.

Black people in this country, cannot breathe. The weight of injustice sits on our chest. The knee of inhumanity pressing down on our necks. Justice is the breath of life for black lives.

White Allies do their best to stay afloat during the storm while reaching out to others. LGBTQ+ people keep getting pushed to the back of the line, immigrant babies are still in cages and their parents are little more than memories in their little hearts. Do they even remember their parents voice anymore?

We know the difference between right and wrong. We just refuse to do the right thing. Our leaders are not ignorant; they just do not care enough; especially if it has anything to do with sharing resources or social equity. Ignorance is not the problem. We have a Love problem.

Many of us have forgotten what it looks like to love one another. We think that love starts with loving our neighbor, but that’s a mistake. An honest, understandable mistake. Before we can love our neighbor, we must first love ourselves. Before we can hope that when we send our children out into the world …that they will be loved, we must TEACH our children TO love.

The wealthy in power abuse their authority and stuff themselves while others starve. Something happened to them. Something happened when they forgot how to genuinely love themselves that they became incapable of loving their neighbors too. Stop the cycle.

Love yourselves. Then, love your neighbor. When you see injustice, do not drive by. Speak up. Act. Stop the cycle.

Change starts with me. Change starts with you. Together, we will transform this world from oppressive to free. 

Amen; the Blessed Radiance thrives in each of us.

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