Blessing of the Emotional Support Animals

Meditation/Prayer/Blessing, Sunday Dec 20

Blessing of the Emotional Support Animals

Blessing of the Emotional Support Animals

Blessed are the emotional support animals in our lives. We feed and care for them. They feed us with their unconditional love. 

Blessed are the emotional support animals. In our darkest moments, when no words could ever soothe our pain, they speak to us with their body language: purring, licking, chirping, following us around, barking at us in joy.

Blessed are the emotional support animals who sit or lie on us in supportive silence. Holding us with their little claws, paws, or scales in sacred, safe space. 

When we prayed for the pain to end, the Spirit of Life said—they did not cause our pain. Reminded us we are often victimized by other imperfect humans. By our own imperfect decisions. By existing in an imperfect world where it is impossible for ourselves or loved ones to live forever in good health and vitality. Where the natural circle of life reigns supreme.

Blessed are they who are our light in our darkest hour, our blanket in the coldest night, a joyful distraction from life’s pain. The gift of gifts. The epitome of unconditional love. How can our emotional support animals be anything but holy?

Blessed are the emotional support animals who teach us how to love and care for ourselves again. 

Blessed are they who kept us sane when we—or our surroundings—felt crazy. Who kept us alive when we wished to end. May we cherish, honor, and thank the Blessed Radiance for bringing them into our lives. 

Blessed are the emotional support animals who have transitioned to the next stage of being. They wait for us, forever faithful. In love. In holiness. 


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